5 Simple Ways To Improve The Curb Appeal For Your Home

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If you let your landscape pile up or leaves clutter your yard, it won’t take very long for your home to start to lose some of its curb appeal. If you don’t take the time to maintain your lawn your lawn will regrow very quickly and start to resemble its wild, unmaintained state.

Having an unruly landscape will start to have a very detrimental impact on the appearance of your home. In this post we’re going to look at five simple ways you can improve the curb appeal of your home and start to restore a bit of order to your property.

1. Take time to clean up all leaves and debris

Even if you took the time to landscape your yard during the fall, the wintertime is usually pretty harsh on your lawn and landscape. A lot of times if your neighbors didn’t take the time to keep up their yards, a lot of their leaves and debris could actually end up in your yard.

Come springtime you’re going to have a little cleanup work to do regardless. Starting with basic leave and debris pickup is a great place to start, so you can envision other projects to come.

2. Trim all shrubs

Shrubbery grows naturally over time and will start to resume its natural shape over a couple of months. This means that after the winter is over you’re going to need to trim back any shrubs or bushes that have gotten out of control and lost their refined lines.

Most landscape arrangements are made to look uniform; even though it’s not the same shape the plants will have in the wild. The plants and shrubs do look better when they’re being displayed next to your home.

Some shrubs actually grow at different rates than others, so you can do research before hand to make sure that your shrubs grow relatively at the same rate and you’ll find yourself doing less trimming.

3. Make sure you have cleanly defined lines

Having clean lines between your trees and lawn will help you lawn seem more elegant and completely under control. Having crisp beds between your lawn and you turf can be done by layering the mulch until a clean line is formed.

The color of the mulch you decide to use will influence the feeling your lawn gives off, as dark colored mulch is more subtle and relaxing, while light colored mulch is warmer and more vibrant.

4. Employ the use of color

Color can be a very powerful tool if used wisely. When planting flowers in your garden make sure you choose your flowers based upon color, but also the time of season they’re in bloom. You’d hate to have a garden where only half the plants are in bloom at a given time.

When you’re thinking about color combinations it’s also important that you take the color of your home into the equation. You want everything that can be seen from the curb to be complimentary.

5. Use fertilizers and other nutrients

By using a good amount of fertilizer you’ll be able to bring your lawn up to a beautiful vibrant green. By providing your lawn and garden with the right nutrients you’ll allow it to be healthy and fully blossom. Sometimes, the simple addition of a fertilizer can restore your lawn to its original luster and allow it to be the envy of all your neighbors.

Overall, landscape improvements that will increase your curb appeal don’t have to be difficult. However, if you don’t want to make these improvements yourself it can be wise to hire a landscape professional to transform your lawn and garden.

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