7 Most Common Benefits Of Mulching

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Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your garden and landscape. However, it’s a simple process that most garden owners tend to overlook. Mulching is essentially placing a protective barrier around your plants.

Mulch is made out of a variety organic and inorganic materials, such as, wood chips, bark, pine needles, landscaping fabric, river rock, and other pebbles. The blend will depend upon the climate and the type of plants that populate your garden and landscape.

Below you’ll find the most common benefits that mulching will bring to your outdoor landscape.

1. Moisture Control

Retaining moisture during hot and dry seasons can do wonders for your garden. Mulch will help to cover your garden, which will eliminate any excess evaporation.

Organic mulches also help to absorb water that would usually end up as runoff.

2. Weed Control

If your garden has empty or barren spaces this can allow certain types of weeds to spring up. By applying mulch to these empty areas you’ll limit weed growth throughout your beautiful garden.

The mulch will act as a preventative barrier that will prevent the weeds from absorbing the necessary sunlight required to grow.

3. Controls Pests

Some styles of mulch will contain natural oils that will act as a repellent to certain breeds of insects. The most fragrant types of mulch will have the greatest effect on repelling insects.

You’ll want to consult with an expert if you’re purchasing mulch specifically for pest management reasons.

4. Prevents Erosion

Mulching can also help to keep heavy rains from washing away your soil. In areas that receive a heavy downfall of rain it can be useful to apply mulch to protect your plants, and keep your soil healthy.

The mulch will act as a barrier that will lessen the impact of the water on the soil.

5. Encourages Earthworms

Some types of bugs are actually really good for your garden, and will help to maintain its long-term health. Earthworms will help to improve the overall structure of your soil, and its nutrient cycling capabilities.

This will ensure your soil remains high quality, and will leave your plants healthy and flourishing.

6. Keeps Nutrients In The Soil

As we mentioned above mulch will help to keep soil nutrients from being washed away when it rains. But, it will also release nutrients into the soil if you end up using organic matter as the base for your mulch.

7. Finish Your Landscape

When you use mulch around your garden and landscape it can give the appearance of being finished. You can also use mulch to fill in empty spaces around your yard to truly complete the landscape.

Most gardens require a lot of extra work to maintain and keep their appearance. If you’re using other types of materials for ground cover, such as, grass and other fillers you’re going to add to your workload.

Organic and inorganic mulches require a lot less maintenance, and it will never increase the competition with your other plants.

If you’re interested in a professional landscape consultation, or a landscape maintenance plan, then get in touch with our team today.

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