How Properly To Plant A Palm Tree

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Palm trees bring with them feelings of deep peace and relaxation. Imagine staring up at your very own palm tree, as you invoke feelings of lounging on the beach. Palm trees also have the benefit of providing shade and are resistant to storm winds. They’re a very resilient tree and can add the perfect amount of beach feel to your outdoor landscape setup.

In this post we’re going to look at the benefits of planting a palm tree as well as a few steps to get you started.

What Are The Benefits Of Planting A Palm Tree

Palm tress have the unique benefit of transforming any bland landscape into a tropical oasis. They’re very easy to maintain once they’ve been planted and require very little work. Most trees have foliage that requires raking once the seasons change, luckily palm tress don’t have foliage that drops every fall.

Beyond their easy to maintain exterior they are relatively storm proof and hold up in high winds. For those who don’t have a green-thumb palm trees are relatively fool proof.

How To Plant A Palm Tree

Palm trees are a very popular landscaping choice across the nation. If the above benefits entice you, then get going with the planting steps below.

Selecting The Right Variety Palm Tree

There are a wide range of palms for you to choose from. Usually, the main differences involve the overall size, the amount of sunlight they require and the amount of cold each species can handle.

You’ll want to get this right, because you’d hate to get a palm tree that can handle your local climate.

Choose The Right Location

When you’re planting a palm tree you’re going to require heavy equipment. This is because large palm trees are going to be very heavy and hard to move. This means you’ll want to choose an area of your landscape that’s very accessible and has a low slope.

Dig The Hole

When you’re planting the tree make sure you get the tree as close to the hole as possible when you’re digging the whole. This will help you get the size of hold correct.

Keep in mind that you measure from the root ball, and that’s the size of the hole you’re going to need to dig.

Plant The Palm Tree

When you’re in the process of planting the tree you’ll need to remove the bag that’s covering the root ball. Make sure you’re careful during this step as you don’t want to damage the roots.

After the root ball is placed into the ground make sure the tree is straight. This can be a little difficult at the trunks are often not entirely straight.

Apply The Finishing Effects

Most palm trees must have a temporary brace, since they don’t have deep tap roots that help it to have a stable base. Once it’s planted make sure you water the tree thoroughly. However, you’ll want to hold off on the fertilizing the free for at least another six weeks.

If your outdoor landscape requires a dash of tropical wonder, then consider planting a palm tree. We hope the steps above will get you started with planting your very own. If you require a little more guidance, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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