Top 5 Summer Landscaping Trends

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Summertime is the season where you can really take your yard, landscaping, and gardening to the next level. Usually, the springtime is where you start to prep your lawn and garden for the coming months, but depending on the climate where you live you can continue to work on your landscape throughout the summer as well.

In this post we’re going to explore the top summer landscaping trends and how you can implement them into your lawn and garden.

1. Returning To Native Vegetation

By using native plants and vegetation your landscape will require much less maintenance than usual. Certain plants are built to thrive in certain climates, by only using this style of plant or vegetation across your landscape you’ll be in line with your local climate and weather patterns.

Some people think that native vegetation is boring, but with enough creativity and knowledge of native plants you can create a beautiful and colorful landscape.

2. Growing An Edible Landscape

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a hot and tasty trend. There’s something about growing a little bit of your own food that makes it taste so much better. Imagine walking out your backdoor and picking a tasty lemon or orange from your tree without having to make a trip to the grocery store.

3. Implementing Waste Reduction Strategies

The great thing about a landscape or backyard that minimizes waste is that it’s going to save you money, while helping your yard thrive. Common waste reduction strategies include having your own compost bin, and collecting rain water for irrigation (depending on local regulations).

The biomass generated from your garden and food scraps can actually help your garden and plants live longer and healthier.

4. Water Features For Ambiance

Water features such as fountains and bird baths will help to cultivate a nice ambiance for your backyard space. There’s something about running water that puts you into a nice state of relaxation.

You can even recycle water within these features, so your water expenses and usage won’t increase too drastically.

5. Catering To Birds and Insects

Elegant bird feeders and blooming flowers can truly make your landscape feel alive. For a fun weekend project you can even build your own bird feeders with your children out of materials you have lying around the house.

By having birds and insects present throughout your garden you’ll be able to nurture a more diverse and thriving ecosystem, which will help your garden and landscape become more resilient if the weather does take a turn.

Some of these projects you can tackle yourself, but it’s always wise to consult the advice of a landscape professional. They’ll be able to ensure your landscape looks beautiful, and is easier for you to maintain yourself.

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