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At Greener Industries, the art of landscape design is one of the passions of our lives. We’ve lived it and breathed it for two generations and are now teaching it to a third. Our lead designer, Justin Alf grew up with plants and landscaping. He first began landscaping with his father at twelve years old. After a lifetime designing and maintaining landscapes in Central Florida we have developed a unique and comprehensive philosophy for landscape design orlando.


Our design philosophy revolves around four main principles. The first two are the age old maxims of landscaping; Simplicity & Restraint. The second two involve the landscapes relation to the client; Functionality & Sustainability.

Simplicity & Restraint

First it must be understood that simplicity and restraint do not mean “boring or mundane”. Rather, it refers to keeping with the scope of the landscape. Whatever the design theme is it should be kept throughout the landscape. The color scheme of each area should also have continuity. Simplicity and restraint is like the virtue of humility applied to landscaping. It is using plants and methods that are proven to work and not the latest fad that is sure to come and go.

Functionality & Sustainability

Landscapes are meant to involve the client or homeowner. It must have a purpose or a “function” that draws people into it. Whether it is aesthetics, an outdoor living area, or a winding path that leads to a secluded hideaway every layout must have a use to it.

The long term viability of the landscape is also important. It should be “sustainable” and not need excessive maintenance or pest control. It should be planned considering the long term. What will it look like mature? What will the maintenance costs be? Proper plant selection and placement is key to this principle.

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Design themes and the ‘Genius Loci’

As stated above, a design theme should be kept throughout the landscape. The ‘Genius Loci’ or ‘Spirit of the Place’ refers to just how this theme is defined. Many factors are part of this definition; the area and views surrounding the property, the architectural style of the home or buildings, and most important the personal affinities of the clients. Sometimes the ‘genius loci’ is obvious, but more often than not it can be created by the designer. We offer various interpretations and combinations of these and other landscape design themes according to the preference of the client.

Read about the idea of the Genus Loci by the poet Alexander Pope: Here too.

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Classic and Specialty Landscapes

  • Tropical
  • Italian & Tuscan Villas
  • Japanese & Zen Gardens
  • Botanical Gardens & Rare Palm Collections
  • Minimalist Landscapes
  • Vertical Gardens
  • Hardscapes and Waterfeatures

Sustainable Living Landscapes

  • Urban Homesteads
  • Organic Gardens
  • Citrus Orchards
  • Agriculture & Rare Fruit Collections
  • Edible Landscapes

Environmentally Freindly Landscapes

  • Xeriscapes
  • Florida Native Ecosystems
  • Low Maintenance Landscapes
  • Butterfly Gardens

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