Meet the Landscape Designers

Our team of designers has the knowledge and experience to create the garden of your dreams!

At Greener Industries, we understand that properly designing, planning, and installing a landscape is a group effort. The very first member of our design team is always you, the client. It will be your garden, your outdoor living space, your home, office, or neighborhood. There are no pre-fabricated designs from Greener Industries. Every layout is specifically tailored to your needs and desires, your particular property and micro-climate. While our philosophy and the basic elements and principles of design stay the same they can always be adapted to the individual. After the client are the two founders of our company: Justin Alf and Joseph Ferpes. These two are some of the most skilled landscape designers Orlando Florida has to offer.

Joseph Ferpes

With over 25 years in the landscape industry, Joe Ferpes also has extensive hands on experience in horticulture, design, installation, and maintenance. Joe originally worked for some of the biggest landscape firms in Orlando before starting Landscape Solutions in 1985. He has built this full service company on excellence in service and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Joe has won many awards for his designs in the Orlando area. His expertise includes floral plantings, arbor care, and drainage system design. With a natural ability for multitasking and thousands of landscape installations under his belt, Joe is able to foresee and solve numerous factors in any design before they become a problem. Our clients know and love Joe for his commitment to excellence and his unparalleled knowledge of plants and landscape methods in Central Florida.

Greener Industries Landscape Designers Orlando, FL are at your service.