Orlando Commercial Landscape Design

Whether it is a commercial project or a residential landscape design, it can be overwhelming for many. There are a lot of factors that need to go into a design. For us, the first and most important part of a design is you; the client. It is your property. It is your home, business, or backyard. Your personal space should be built around what you like. For this reason, we take a lot of time to get to know our clients before beginning a design. Sometimes it is necessary to ask questions. Where are you originally from? What is the look you want? What will the landscape be used for?

After the input of the client, we look at some other factors. The style of your house comes into play. The surrounding views will be considered. The risk of cold in Winter months is a concern. We also think of the long term. Using plants that will stay in scale with the home or size of the garden is very important. Plants that are resistant to pests and drought can keep the maintenance costs low. See the University of Florida’s Recommendations on this.

Residential Landscape Design

In the end, we will show you a concept sketch that lets you see the vision of the design. If there are any changes needed we can prepare for them before install. We can explain the reasons for our plant choices and how they fit the theme of your commercial or residential landscape design. Even during installation we continue to work with you. Your input is always valued and taken into account.

We continue to be at your service long after the work is complete. We are always happy to help maintain our landscapes if possible. We warranty our work for at least one year. But, if we maintain the landscape, we can extend that warranty much longer. Best of all, we work with you to keep your design in budget. If the master plan can not be installed at once, we can do phases over time. This ensures our residential landscape designs are affordable and available to all!