Orlando Commercial Landscape Services

Full Service Care for Your Outdoor Environment!

Orlando Greener is the first company that should come to mind when thinking about the best in the lawn care industry. If you live in Orlando and require commercial landscape services on your lawn, landscaping, irrigation, lighting or just about anything else, you should be contacting Orlando Greener first. We specialize in HOA, Town-homes, and Condo common areas. Our staff has the experience and dedication you expect from a reputable organization. We follow the university of Florida’s Recommendations for Best Management Practices in Florida. We prides itself on knowing what plants, trees, shrubs and flowers that will compliment the landscaping that you have on your property. We are also very knowledgeable when it comes to underground or hidden sprinkler systems that can help keep your lawn green throughout the hot summer months.

Some Florida residents will get bad fungus on their lawn and the highly humid conditions in the state do not help fight off the invasions. Orlando Greener can help you prevent the spread of fungus in your lawn, as well as keep your lawn maintained during hot, dry parts of the year. Services the company offers include lighting, structures, maintenance, installation and sprinkler repair just to name a few. Orlando Greener has been in the business since 1996 and has plenty of knowledgeable service professionals that can provide the best services that you will need for your property.