Orlando Residential Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Orlando Landscape LightingGreener Industries can provide you with the popular lighting designs for your property so your pride and joy can shine even during the night time hours. If you already have landscape lighting on your property, but something is not working correctly, give us a call so we can repair it for you and get your yard shining once again. Landscape lighting is popular throughout the state and once installed you will see why. It will add a certain elegance to your property once it is installed and really makes your brand new landscaping pop at night. We have the experience to design and complete the installation the right way. If you have a design in mind, we can help you put it on the computer screen so that you can see what it will look like before the work starts.

What are the popular landscaping lighting methods in this area?
Once you have your new landscaping figured out, you are going to want to think about how you want to show it off. Landscape lighting is popular and there are many ways that you can use the lighting to show off your landscaping in the night time hours.

  • Up lighting is a technique that uses a light to be placed on the ground and angled up towards your home, artwork or even just a couple of trees.
  • Pathway lighting is a decorative way that you can light up the way to the bonfire pit or from the shed or garage back to the house. There are wide varieties of lights and ways to mount them for each type of custom installation.
  • Specialty lighting might come in handy if you are looking to entertain on your property and can be installed in your pool or pond. Submersible lighting can change colors and heighten the mood of any party or gathering. Specialty lighting can be used on handrails, stairs, benches and more, plus we can install and maintain them for you.

Getting the right lighting for your landscaping might seem like an intense project, but Greener Industries offers many years of experience knowing exactly what works with your property. You can bring any image to us and we can re-create it for your property and make your landscaping come alive at night.

In the central Florida are, there are many options when it comes to what lighting is most popular. Many homeowners like to have their homes lit up at night and that is where the up lighting would come into play. Others would rather have their landscaping lit up to provide a walkway throughout the property, while others like the large maple tree in the front illuminated giving focus to the center of the property.

No matter what your lighting needs are, our company has the experience to make it happen and the professional installers that can get the job done right the first time so there is less maintenance involved.

Orlando Landscape Lighting Design is one of our specialties. Call today for a free quote: 407 – 732 – 4753