Orlando Residential Landscape Architecture

Greener Industries is one company that has more than 30 years of experience in the landscaping design business. We can provide you with just about any service that you need for your property and that includes things like irrigation, tree trimming, landscape design, lighting design and general lawn care. All of this provided by a professional team of landscapers that have a passion for making properties look even better than ever before. Serving the Orlando and Central Florida area for many years has been a pleasure and our quality of hard work can be seen throughout the area on many properties.

Getting your landscaping to come together might include a structure of some kind and believe or not, we can help you with that as well. Putting up garden structures that bring your dream property together is something that Greener Industries can provide.

You might have a special or custom landscaping design like:

  • Tropical
  • Italian & Tuscan Villas
  • Japanese & Zen Gardens
  • Botanical Gardens & Rare Palm Collections
  • Minimalist Landscapes
  • Vertical Gardens
  • Hardscapes and Water features

For each of these design types, there might be a structure or two included. A simple trellis or shade creating overhang might be perfect for your property allowing you to entertain many people throughout the year. If there is something that you want to fit into a custom installation, you bring the design and we can create the structure. Things like garden window boxes, benches that compliment your pathway or an archway for the entry into your garden, we can build them all.

Because each of the types of designs are so different, each of them requires different types of landscape architectures. This can come down to the type of wood that you use or the design that is seen at the completion of the project. Greener Industries offers many services, but keeping the client number one is the first priority. If you have a design in your mind, let it out and we can make it happen.

Other types of landscaping designs that we offer include:

  • Sustainable Living Landscapes
  • Urban Homesteads
  • Organic Gardens
  • Citrus Orchards
  • Agriculture & Rare Fruit Collections
  • Edible Landscapes
  • Environmentally Friendly Landscapes
  • Xeriscapes
  • Florida Native Ecosystems
  • Low Maintenance Landscapes
  • Butterfly Gardens

All of these landscaping types require attention to certain design types and can easily be complimented by a structure. Putting in fences, railings, benches and archways can really bring your landscaping together or provide a place for plants, shrubs and vines to grow. Getting the experience that you need to accomplish these types of projects is key and Greener Industries has exactly what you need to accomplish your dream property. One that all of your visitors will be able to get excited about and enjoy for many years to come.

Contact Greener Industries for more information or to setup a free consolation and estimate for your landscaping design and installation project.