Seeding a Spot in Your Lawn – A Guide to Having The Best Looking Lawn on the Block

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Everyone knows that guy on the block. The one with the lawn that looks great, aside from the patches every few feet that resemble a sand pit. These spots can be incredibly ugly, and can leave a negative taste in anyone’s mouth that sees your yard. Luckily, there’s an easier fix than hoping and praying at night that you’ll wake up in the morning and that brown spot will suddenly turn green. In this post, we’re going to teach you exactly how to fix those ugly spots, and how to care for your lawn so they never pop up ever again. After reading this guide, you’re going to have the best looking lawn on your block. We guarantee it.

Seeding a spot isn’t as simple as you’d think it’d be. You can’t just go to the store and pick up any random kind of grass seed. You need to get the right kind of seed, which is where we’ll begin. Go outside and look at the quality of your current grass. If you typically plant grass seed, and the surrounding grass is a certain seed you’ve used before, just buy that. If you don’t know what to buy, take a picture of the spot, and the surrounding grass, and go to your local hardware store or garden store and buy whatever resembles it the closest. If you have grass that’s a lighter shade of green, and you go the store and get the darkest color you can find, that spot isn’t going to look much better than it does right now.

Once you have a seed picked out, it’s time to begin the process that’s going to make your lawn look like the White House lawn. What you’re going to need is grass seed, grass fertilizer, lots of water, and patience. Let’s go over this in steps.

Step 1: Plant the Seed With Fertilizer

You can either get seed that has fertilizer built-in, or you can buy your own fertilizer. Just about any common kind of grass fertilizer will work for this. Make sure you go a little over the top when planting the seed and using the fertilizer. It won’t kill the grass, it’ll just make it grow quicker and easier. Never be afraid of using too much seed. As long as there isn’t a ridiculous amount, the grass will grow quickly and the seeds won’t have to fight over water to grow.

Step 2: Water

The biggest thing that’s going to keep your grass growing well is water. Every plant needs water, regardless of any circumstance. Seedlings will start developing as early as 1 week after planting, and you should see the grass growing to the length of your typical grass within a month or two. Make sure you keep watering the grass, and keep adding plant food every so often if it starts to look a bit week. Just make sure you don’t over-water too. When watering, just stop once a bunch of water starts running on top of the grass. Make sure the grass gets a good soaking every day when it’s first growing. After the seedlings start developing, you can plant less often.

Step 3: Take Care of Your Lawn

You have to take care of your lawn after planting the new seed! This means the whole lawn, and not just the patch. To avoid spots in the future, make sure your lawn gets plenty of water. This will ensure new spots don’t pop up.

As long as you follow the three steps listed above, you should have no problem growing new grass in the rough patches on your lawn. Just make sure the grass gets plenty of fertilizer and water! After the patches fill in, keep taking care of your lawn, and you’ll have the best looking lawn on the block. All of your neighbors will be jealous!

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