Watering 101 – Proven Tips for a Lush Lawn

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Nothing shows that you care about your surroundings more than a lush, rich green lawn – it is often the first thing that a guest will notice as they approach your home. That said, maintaining healthy green grass in Orlando, Florida is not always easy – sometimes you need a helping hand to get you on the right path towards a picture perfect front yard.

Here are some landscaper approved tips to help you ensure that your lawn is watered to perfection, yielding full, healthy blades of grass that are sure to flourish in Orlando’s climate.

Water is your friend – and your enemy

We all know that a certain amount of water is good for all flora – after all, without water our lawns would slowly turn brown, crispy and eventually wither away. Some otherwise attentive gardeners seem to forget the old adage “too much of a good thing…” when they water their grass, causing their lawns to become oversaturated, and leading to rot, insect infestation and disease – not to mention causing a huge waste of water. To avoid this, make sure that you have complete control over your sprinklers and don’t leave them running for extended periods of time without your constant attention.

The Six Inch Rule

Average grass varietals have roots that are three to six inches long, and you want the water to sink to the very tips. Therefore, you should always aim to water your grass for the amount of time that your grass dictates – check the soil every fifteen minutes after you water for the first time, and note when it reaches 6 inches on a ruler. Use this as a time guide for the future.

Assess your soil type

Every type of soil has its own watering needs – for instance, a sandy soil will accept and absorb water far more quickly than a hard packed clay. Assessing your soil type is critical when you are trying to decide how much water your lawn will need on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Unsure about your soil? Consult with an Orlando lawn care service expert to determine the best watering plan for your yard.

Time of day is key

If possible, always water during the cooler morning hours. This will allow the water to sink in before the heat of midday, when evaporation lessens its hydrating effects. 

How much water is necessary?

The University of Wisconsin’s Learning Store has stated that a healthy lawn needs, on average, 1 inch of water per week to maintain optimal health, texture and color. That means that if Orlando gets a quarter inch of of rain one week, it may not actually be the time to rest on your laurels and relax – your lawn still needs a little bit of extra hydration. Check the forecast (after all, if torrential rains are predicted, it may not be time to pull out the sprinkler), and then assess if you will need to top up.

Hire a professional

Despite your best efforts, sometimes it really just is time to call a professional to get the job done efficiency. Landscapers in the Orlando area are skilled at creating bespoke watering plans in order to make your lawn look its best.

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